Terrazzo Pots

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Terrazzo PlantersIOTA now offers a range of terrazzo planters for light commercial and residential spaces. Terrazzo pots and planters are strong and durable enough for light commercial and residential settings at a very competitive price. They are made of marble, quartz, granite and glass that are precast to form the durable planters and polished to a shiny and elegant finish.

“Terrazo” in Italian means terraces. The material was first used by Venetian construction workers. They took discarded marble chips and set them in clay to use as a flooring material. They used goat milk as a sealer which also helps preserve its marble-like shine and appearance.

When exposed to harsh weather conditions, the planters may lose their shine but this is prevented by using a terrazzo sealer. Never use cleaners with acid to clean terrazzo planters as these can cause damage.