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IOTA’s GRC garden pots and planters are made of top quality fibreglass and cement, ideal for giving your outdoor space an instant update. We have 2 product ranges available: Venice and Moscow.

Moscow GRC Planters

IOTA’s Moscow range is made from polyester resin, stone powder and fiber glass. Superior moulding and precise finishes give these planters a clean and sophisticated look perfect for modern designs. It has a black colour with the faintest hint of brown (noticeable really only in sunlight) which sets off leaf-green foliage particularly well.

Our Moscow GRC garden pots and planters offers excellent workability, excellent hardness and impact strength. Due to its high durability and excellent shelf-life, our lightweight Moscow GRC planter are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. As with all our premium products, the Moscow GRC planters come with a 3-year guarantee.

Specs: Unsaturated polyester resin: 55%, Sand stone: 20%, Powder stone: 15%, Talc powder: 5%, Fiber glass: 3%, Color paint: 1%, Catalysis: 0.5%, SM: 0.5%, Release agent: 0.01%
Venice Concrete Planters

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Venice Concrete Planters

The Venice range is specifically designed to convey a venetian plaster look. This design works perfectly for industrial spaces without making it look too edgy. The clean lines of these beautiful, durable, and yet amazingly light concrete pots make it ideal for indoor and outdoor use as well.

The Venice range is 100% exclusive to IOTA. Though other products on the market may try to imitate our range, those products cannot rival with the durability and strength of our Venice range.

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Florence GRC Lightweight Concrete Planters

Durable, elegant and lightweight. The Florence GRC lightweight planter is extremely durable and weather-proof, yet it is light enough for ease of transport.

It has a unique mid-grey slightly weathered concrete look that goes well with modern interior and exterior designs. Our Florence range is available in a variety of shapes and sizes allowing you to add more texture and depth to your design.

Specs: Unsaturated polyester resin: 55%, Sand stone: 20%, Powder stone: 15%, Talc powder: 5%, Fiber glass: 3%, Color paint: 1%, Catalysis: 0.5%, SM: 0.5%, Release agent: 0.01%

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Manhattan GRP Fiberglass Planters

Made of of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) the Manhattan range offers clean lines and smooth finish to add an air of elegance to outdoor and indoor spaces. This range works really well with contemporary designs and is often specified for commercial use.

This range is made from high-quality woven fiber mat and finished with industrial UV-resistant coating, making it ideal for outdoor use but also adds a hint of sophistication indoors with it’s clean lines and smooth finish. Larger sizes are reinforced with steel for additional strength to support.

The Manhattan range offers superior strength and durability while being extremely lightweight, making it a better alternative to stone or pre-cast concrete planters.

Specs: Polyester resin:  70% Filler: 10% Glass fiber: 10% Glass fiber mat:   5% Thickness:   2-3mm Tensile, Compression strength:  20,000 psi Flexible strength:  30,000 psi.

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