Round and Bowl Garden Pots and Planters

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Round PlantersRound pots and planters are perfect for adding a soft touch to an existing design full of corners and edges and also make for beautiful focal points in a design. Unlike troughs and square planters that are great for creating borders and dividing spaces, rounded pots create a more subtle impression. They can be standalone pieces or a series of planters that draw the eye while still being able to blend into a landscape and guide the eye of the visitor.

They are available in Manhattan Lightweight Fiberglass and Venice Lightweight Concrete.

Manhattan Round pots are made of lightweight glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). This planter variety is lightweight and very durable. Superior moulding technology and an even and elegant paint finish sets it apart from other fiberglass planters in the market.

Venice Round pots are made of concrete reinforced with plant fibers for extra durability and a lightweight design. Venice planters portray the “Venetian” plaster look and are suitable for classic and contemporary designs.

All IOTA products come with a full five-year guarantee.