Square and Cube Garden Pots and Planter Boxes

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Square PlantersSquare pots can be used as an effective tool in framing a doorway. It not only makes the doorway stand out, it also provides for a good and lasting first impression. Use square pots indoors and place them in the corner of a room; you can even cluster three different size cubes for a nice grouping effect. This kind of grouping effect can also become a focal point in a garden.

Square planters can also be used to create divisions for outdoor establishment including cafés, car parks, schools, and hotels. In an outdoor café, square planters can become a barrier for vehicle exhaust and provide a sense of privacy from passing pedestrians. They can be used alternately with trough planters for a nice pattern.

IOTA has an extensive range of cube and square shaped pots. Due to the high quality and durable materials we use you will frequently see them specified for commercial and public spaces.

As with all our products, the Canterbury planters come with a full guarantee.