Steel Garden Planters

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*All steel planters are made to order. Lead time 4 weeks.

Using our years of experience in producing high-end planters, we have developed a standard design for large steel planters. These steel planters are well crafted to make sure that our customers will get great value for their money.

Our steel planters use 2mm high-quality steel for walls, ensuring a rigid no-flex wall. They are extremely durable and weather proof. The planters are raised on small feet for drainage and are welded inside so that the seams and the welds are hidden, giving them a smooth finish. Corners are also sanded down for a more refined look.

Our steel range is very well suited to custom for two reasons:

  1. Unlike fibreglass or GRC we don’t need to create a costly mould. This makes small quantities or lots of different sizes feasible.
  2. Our Steel manufacturing is done right here in Brisbane so turn around time is only a few weeks.

We offer a range of standard sizes, but can quote for basically anything.

Steel Cube Planters
Our steel cube planter is available in five different sizes, starting from 600mm (which is ideal for smaller plants) to large steel cube planters of up to 1000mm (perfect for trees).

Steel Trough Planters
The IOTA steel trough planters is available in 3 different lengths. This allows you to create functional design elements, such as lining a path or dividing up a space. These design elements add a touch or elegance, that works well with modern designs.

Tall Steel Trough Planters
These tall steel planters are excellent when placed against the wall or for creating a boundary between two spaces.

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